AUTOXSCAN RS940PRO diagnostic computer


The tester is an independent workshop device, equipped with a 10-inch touch screen, armored, waterproof, workshop rugget housing! It is powered by the Windows 10 operating system and allows diagnostic communication via bluetooth. 


Tester Capabilities:

  • reading fault codes
  • clearing fault codes
  • preview of actual parameters (also in the form of charts and indicators: several modes)
  • component coding,
  • component adaptations (throttle, EGR valve, engine computer, etc.)
  • test of actuators (activation of the EGR valve, window, output, meter, central locks, etc.)
  • reset of service and oil inspections
  • injector coding
  • key coding (limited to few models only)
  • full support for DPF files (soot level increase, reset, regeneration, adaptation after replacement)
  • full service of EPB parking release (withdrawing the tightening when replacing the blocks, setting the unconditional pressure of the pistons, thickness of the blocks)
  • automatic scanning of all vehicle versions
  • reading information about the control module
  • clearing learned values
  • VIN code reading
  • resetting control units
  • brake pump bleeding
  • level calibration
  • calibration of the steering angle word
  • teaching the idling
  • ignition advance angle


The tester applies to all control modules that the vehicle is equipped with, including the latest models from the current year:

  • engine
  • ABS brake system
  • air air
  • Automatic Transmission
  • comfort module
  • brake electronics
  • ESP / ASR / EBD traction control
  • tire pressure system TMPS
  • air conditioning
  • power steering
  • dashboard
  • navigation
  • system sound
  • central lock
  • anti-theft system
  • lighting electronics
  • 4x4 drive
  • seat memory
  • door electronics
  • navigation
  • parking aid
  • lane keeping assistant
  • rear view camera
  • cruise control


It has abbreviations of the MOST IMPORTANT SERVICE PROCEDURES:

  • service and oil inspection reset
  • full EPB parking release support (pulling back when replacing blocks, option of inertia of the pressure of the pistons, thickness of the blocks)
  • DPF filter regeneration (dust status quotation, burnout, regeneration, adaptation)
  • gearbox adaptation
  • steering angle game calibration
  • new user adaptation
  • throttle adaptation
  • injector coding
  • rebound adjustment
  • suspension adjustment
  • mileage correction (LIMITED)
  • and many others 


Optionally, the RS940 PRO can be equipped with a 4-channel oscilloscope with the presentation of adapters, and an inspection camera with an illuminated probe


The kit includes:

RS940 PRO diagnostic computer with a 10-inch touchscreen in an armored, waterproof rubber casing

Suitcase with compartments

Wireless diagnostic head

Main diagnostic cable

OBDII adapter


Power cable with clamp, and cigarette lighter adapter


The tester is equipped with an OBDII order and 13 OBDI adapters for the diagnosis of older vehicles:

Mercedes 38-pin,

BMW 20-pin,

Honda 3-pin,

Kia 20-pin,

Mazda 17-pin,

Vag 2+2-pin,

Toyota 17-pin,

Toyota 22-pin,

Mitsubishi 12+16-pin

GM/Daewoo 12-pin

Nissan 14-pin

Fiat 3-pin

PSA 2-pin

RS940PRO with Adapters

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