RS300PRO car diagnostic tester is a stand-alone device equipped with a colour display, a rubber armored casing, a waterproof keyboard and a fast ARM processor. It is powered directly from the vehicle's diagnostic connector and has a full menu available in few languages. 


The tester enables: 

-error reading: P0, P2, P3, U0, and specific brand codes: P1, P3, U1 

-reading and clearing the MIL status (check engine) 

-reading and erasing temporary and permanent error codes 

-vehicle information (VIN CIN CVN) 

-reading of frozen frames real data reading (also in the form of graphs) 

-lambda probe test components readiness monitors 

and many more ...


Works with protocols: 

CAN UDS SO9141 KWP2000 J1850 VPW J1850 PWM 


The kit includes: 

AUTOXSCAN RS300PRO OBDII / EOBD tester with integrated OBDII cable 

USB cable 

User manual 

Program for printing fault codes and updating the tester.

Free touch screen pen!


No forced annual fees or SUBSCRIPTIONS

The tester works continuously and will never be blocked. 


After purchase, you get updated, ready-to-work equipment.


You buy the equipment from the exclusive authorized distributor of AUTOXSCAN in UK !!! 

3-year warranty and post-warranty service.

AUTOXSCAN diagnostic testers are impact-resistant, reliable, trouble-free and highly appreciated all over the world.